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3 Reasons why you should hire an independent dog walker.

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Dogs need exercise, just as much as humans and possibly more since they spend most of their time sitting around resting & waiting for their next walk! My old Blue was a force of nature & he had all the off-leash walking he could ever dream of. As a result of diet, exercise and a compassionate end to his life he lived happily, 3 years beyond his expected lifespan. We said goodbye with tears, at home, and at peace. After such an incredible life together I've had time to consider some of the things that made his life so special to me & moreover, what made him HAPPY. Walking was at the very top of the list and probably more importantly, running! Here are just a few reasons why hiring an independent dog walker is so crucial if you don't have time to do it yourself.

1) Consistency: Your pet loves routine as you know & they will always look forward to seeing a familiar face for their walk. Other local services have large staff and your dog will not necessarily be walking with someone they know intimately. The relationship between a dog and their walker should be (almost) as special as that shared between them and their owner.

2) Reliability: You can rest at ease knowing your dog receives the same care I treat all my clients with each and every day. I anticipate their individual needs carefully and work one on one with owners during our FREE Meet & Greet to discuss all of their unique lifestyle needs. It's always easier to have one point of contact, and that's me. I've personally seen dog walkers with limited patience/knowledge of Happy Dog Behavior which is something I am very aware of with my dogs. I reliably anticipate your dogs behavior and individual needs.

3) Trustworthy: As a pet parent you place great trust in your walker. It's easier to do that when you know that every walk is the same, by the same person, on the same trails that your dog knows and loves and for the same length of time EVERY time. No shortcuts!

These are the pillars of Artie's Doggy Adventures Guelph & what sets us apart from the competition. Furthermore you can expect to pay at least $5 less with us for a higher quality experience due to our very light overhead costs. Why pay more for less with a bigger company? We also offer short walks around the block for $10 & discounts for 3+ weekly walks.

Call or text for a FREE Meet & Greet today, no hassle, no paperwork, just a professional experience that is second to none. We can always find a walking schedule that meets your budget so don't be shy.

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Happy Trails,

-Artie 226-343-4344 (my personal cell)